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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome to 2011

I was in bed by 10 last night and skipped all the end of year festivities mostly due to not feeling very well. I have something wrong with my left eye- a swelling of the sclerea portion and yesterday it bothered me enough to compel me to go to the ER. The doc there gave me some drops and told me to come back if things weren't improved by Sunday. So I felt lousy and went to bed.

I spent a good portion of the week applying for jobs and I'm really crossing my fingers that something significant will present itself in 2011. I know already that employers aren't hiring guys in my age group and that they prefer to hire away already employed persons as opposed to unemployed persons, so both of those factors are working against me but I have to keep looking. I do actually have a job interview for Monday morning but it is part time at an indoor karting track. It might be fun and a few more hours and less driving to get to than the auction driving job I've been doing for a couple months but it won't really be a new career. At least I don't imagine that it will be.

We've been adopted by a stray kitty that has been living rough next door. He started coming over to warm himself by the dryer vent and the BSU convinced me to start putting out some kibble. Now he's here twice a day (or more) for food and allowing himself to be petted occasionally. He is a long haired cat and apparently not feral but homeless so perhaps he will become a long term member of the management team around here.

I've a project to get started on out in the shop but I'm keeping it on the downlow for now until spring rolls around. And since it's the 1st of January, can fishing season and warm weather be too far away? Same thing with the project; I'll introduce it about the time the temps get back up to 65 degrees or so.

I need a new guitar instructor too!

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